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i have this kinda hair and i want a new style. at the moment its just layered and feathered but i wear it up everyday 4 school, i want it different so it doent look boring wen up? please help!?


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    I am having a hard time picturing your hair. How long is it and how long are your layers? If you answer those questions, it might be easier to give you suggestions :D
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    Hi, I'm a newbie to this site and this is my first post. First off I figured out I'm a 2b, but it will get very curly with products. I used to be very curly when I was a kid but the older I get the straighter and thinner it gets. I do color it, for the grays coming along. My main questions are regarding products/supplements to help with hair loss. I had surg. about 6mo ago and I've lost alot of my thick wavy hair, now it's much thinner. Also since it's thinner that is less volume I don't know what kinda products to use for styling/holding shape that won't weight it down on top. My hair is shoulder length at the sides and a little longer in the back. Sorry for such along ost but it's a relief to finally find kindred spirits fo the hair kind. Thanks.