What hair type do i have??? plz help

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    Hi there,

    I am no expert, looks like 2 something unless you straightened part of it. The ends are obviously curlier than the roots, i think your hair has type 3 potential, by the looks of the ends.

    Keep reading around and look at some other curly girl pics, you will be able to see similarities to your hair.
    Very Thick dry 3b BSL.
    Fine, medium porosity
    Right now I am using GVP conditioning balm for cowash and RO,
    my hair loves protein.
    for styling my base is BRHG I can use it alone but prefer with Curl Keeper. I sulphate poo once a month or so as needed.
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    I have half of my hair in a clip, thats why the top of my hair looks weird!!
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    Can you post a photo of your hair when it's down? That will make it easier to tell...

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