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so im new to the site as of tonight, i decided my birthday would be a perfect to make things official an finally join.
ive spent much of my time looking at many of your threads and pictures and want you all to know that its very nice and has quite an impact, being inspired by real women like yourselves instead of celebrities and the likewise. knowing tht theres other woman doing (or going through) the same thing made my decision final tht im through w the relaxer! my last was 3 months ago and im becomin increasingly anxious... i have about an inch an a half of new growth- healthy soft curls- that i cant keep my fingers out of,, such is also bringing much of my attention to the fact that my remaining relaxed hair has become dry dull and unhealthy, the opposite of its life pre-transition..
i have a hair appt monday just for a routine trim and such but the BC bug has been creepin on me all week! im terrified of the shrinkage i may get somebody please talk some sense into this newly inspired 3C head of mine =]

There is nothing permanent except change.


  • mixededmixeded Registered Users Posts: 381
    Welcome! And happy (belated) birthday!
    :duckie: Fotki!
    Last relaxer: Feb. 2008
    Big Chop:
    Jan. 2009
  • FlashdanceFlashdance Registered Users Posts: 91
    I am a couple of months into my transition as well. I can't wait to have 12 mos & then 24, 36 months under my belt!

    Stay encouraged & don't hesitate to reach for support.
    I know I need all the inspiration I can receive with my own transitioning. I'm kinda looking forward to the changes I will notice in my hair health & overall physical appearance.

    Take care~

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