Soothing Soap Recipe

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This is a recipe I worked out that makes a nice soap that does NOT make my skin itch like store-bought stuff.

4 oz Cocoa Butter
4 oz. Shea Butter
4 oz. Olive Oil
4 oz. Hemp Oil

2 oz. of Lye or Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide)

About 6 oz of Chamomile infused into 5 oz of water.

Heat the oils to 125 deg F. Heat the water and add the chamomile. Let steep. Drain off water. Add lye to Chamomile water and mix well.

Then add Lye mix to the oil mix and stick your handblender into it and wait until it starts to look iridecent and you can get a good string coming off your "test spoon" (used to dip into the mix to test it). Once you hit this point, you add your essential oils.

Once you get that, you can pour the soap into your molds. I like to use a milk carton. You wrap that in blankets for 24 hours to cure. At the end of 24 hours it should be solid and ready to be sliced. Slice your bars and let them sit for 30 days while the rest of the chemical reaction continues and your soap "mellows".


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    Can you ever use the same pans again afterward?
  • morrighumorrighu Posts: 707Registered Users
    I have an enamel pan that I make soap in when ever I make soap.
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    This sounds like a nice soap recipe. I may have to try it when I get some cocoa butter and hemp oil. Homemade soap in general is much nicer on the skin than storebought detergent/soap. Have you made a shampoo bar?
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  • morrighumorrighu Posts: 707Registered Users
    I have for other people but not myself (DUH!) and that's about to change. To that end, I've got a big 8# hunk of high grade virgin coconut oil that I'm trying to divide because I can't use 8# of it by myself.

    If some of the rest of you want the other 6# or so, that would be lovely. That's with me keeping some, making shampoo bars for the dogs, and myself.

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