Which Ingredients should I Avoid? HELP! Hmmm...

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I been reading through this section trying to figure out which brand would be best to dye my hair. I quickly understood that it varies from person to person...

I been CG for about a week, my hair is showing good results, but i been wanting to dye since last time i dye it (4 months ago) didn't get the right color... However i am a bit confused with all the new things i been learning on this site about cones and sulfate.. etc, etc.

I was wondering if there's any ingredients we should avoid while looking for the "perfect" coloring brand for our hair. And also, after coloring, should I follow a different procedure than co-wash+conditioning?

Thank you :tongue:
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    I would avoid any of the "quickie" color kits. They bomb your hair with color. It's the equivalent of napalm in a forest. If you have to use a kit, use a good quality one from a known brand name that has an after color conditioner.

    My personal preferce is for "real" hair color from the beauty supply and not one of the home kits. For anyone who is capable of operating a plastic measuring spoon, professional hair color is so much better for your hair.
    1. You can adjust the "volume" of the developer - 10, 20 or 30 which varies the bleaching action and thus the damage to your hair. This lets you get the color with a minial amount of damage.
    2. You can custom blend a color. As long as you stay in the same product family, you can usally buy various colors to custom blend something just for you. No one walking down the street looks at you and says 'Oh, wow! You use <fill in the name of the color here> too!'
    3. You can put in additives to lessen the damage done to your hair by the coloring. You can't add additives to most home hair color kits without risking the color. Many standard salon additives will cause home kits to dye your black - like India ink or a sharpie marker.
    4. You can still get your post coloring conditoner packet
    5. Best of all, it's cheaper. Now that I have my gloves, bowl, tint brush, etc. It costs me about $7.00 to color my hair each time with professional color. A good kit isn't that cheap.
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    where can i get more information about this? I am not sure where should i start, how to do it, etc, etc.

    CG since: 03/13/09
    Co-Wash: Suave Naturals Coconut
    Conditioner: L'Oreal Vive Pro-Glossy Volume
    Gel: Herbal Essences (Totally Twisted)
    Mousse: Herbal Essences (Totally Twisted)
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    Go to your local beauty supply. I personally buy Loreal Excellence Professional Hair color. It's not too runny or drippy and it works well with the "curl friendly" additives that I like to use. The directions to mix it with the developer are on the box. It's usually readily available at almost any reputable beauty supply. The reds, which are the most fade sensitive, last well for me, despite sun, cholorine, salt water, etc.

    When you use additives to the coloring process, you have to be careful. Most haircolor will still work correctly, but some will turn odd and often nasty colors. So be sure to talk to the sales staff there if you have questions. NOTHING is more damaging to hair, except maybe burning it off, than stripping color. Back to the additives... I use one called "Care and Comfort" which is really a pH buffer that stops the stuff from burning my scalp and also helps to protect my hair. Most beauty supply stores will have it or something quite similar.

    Because I have very resisiant grey *and* I use red hair color, I use Ardell Grey Magic Color Additive. I use the Colorful Neutral Protien Filler, which deposits protien on the patches of the hair shaft where its been damaged during the coloring process. I use "Fast Color Accelerator" which in my case doesn't speed up the coloring, but again, if you have really resistant grey, it will help the hair color penetrate that grey and cover it. I also use Ardell Perfector 777 Plus, which is a during-color conditioner.

    If you want another brand, talk to the sales staff in the beauty supply. They can advise you on what you need to purchase. It will vary by brand, as will the additives you can use, timing of the color, etc. They should be able to give you very specific instructions on how to use it correctly.

    Just keep in mind that if you buy a specific brand of hair color, it's usually best to use their brand of developer too. Many are formulated to work together. Yes, I know that developer is basically creme peroxide, but like shampoo and conditioner, they have complementary additives.

    I'm going to go through the Loreal process because I could recite it in my sleep and because its what I use and generally recommend to others. I've used just about everything on the market at one point or another and this is probably one of the better, commonly available ones.

    You should probably start off with trying Loreal Oreor 10 volume developer. The lower the number, the less peroxide, and thus the less damaging to your hair. Judging by your photos, you don't need grey coverage, so you can probably get away with a 10 volume or 20 volume developer. I personally use 30 but I have *very* resistant grey. I'd start with 10 and see how your hair takes the color. You can go as high as 40 but unless your going from jet black to platinum blond, I wouldn't. 40 volume developer is very damaging.

    Another advantage is that you can mix the colors precisely as long as you stay in the same brand and family to customize the color to suit yourself. Want to be a little more blond in the summer? Buy a tube of a suitable blond and add a bit of blond to the mix.

    The "volume" has to do with the percentage of peroxide in the developer. That's what I'm referring to when I say that ALL haircolor is bleach. The deveoper is almost always a peroxide bleach.

    Do a strand test but DO NOT exceed the timing that the manufacturer recommends. Hair color, bleach, etc. can also be hair remover if left too long. For Loreal, it's 30 minutes.

    Other than the mixing process, it works just like the home kits. This gives you a bit more freedom because you can blend your own color.

    Oh - USE PLASTIC UTENSILS. NO METAL. That's really all you need to know other than "mix well" I use a plastic picnic spoon to stir with. Some people like the squeezy bottles. I tend to like the bottles, but I also like my brush since 1) I can use the handle to make parts (I usually only do roots) and 2) I like the way that the brush gets the color on the roots of my hair with slopping it all over the place.
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    Does it matter if you use Loreal professional color and Salon Care Professional 10 volume developer? Two locations were out of Oreor 10 v dev.

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    You can use any developer you want -- don't have to stay within a product line.
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    Just a thought - have you considered Lush hennas? They've very safe and have given me great results while improving the health of my hair. Only really works if you want to darken your hair or add a reddy tone (their colours are chestnut brown, coffee brown, red, or a black glaze), but if you just want to correct your colour slightly, this worked really, really well for me.

    Sorry if that's not at all helpful - it's just what I've been doing since going CG :)
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