Hairstyle opinion for 3 year old girl Feedback Please =)

almostcurlyalmostcurly Posts: 2Registered Users
I just recently started doing my nieces hair. I tried a new style yesterday and wanted some feedback. I believe her hair texture is in the 2 categories???

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  • DeLaEdDeLaEd Posts: 41Registered Users
    Sorry I don't have any input on styles as I only have boys. But, she is adorable and has a cute hairstyle in the photos.
  • sunnisunni Posts: 45Registered Users
    Cute hairstyle! Looks like she may have a combo of several hair types. Probably 3a and 3b but it is hard to tell with her hair up.
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    Wow, that is absolutely adorable!!!! I wish someone would do that for my hair now! Keep up the good work!
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