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Hi everyone!

Well I'm new on this site and really love it - now I don't have to feel like I'm the only person amongst my friends with crazy hair :lol:

But I was wondering - is there a hair colourant out there that won't kill my hair and that ISN'T henna?

I was so happy when I discovered henna and thought I could finally have that beautiful copper red colour. But then I used it, and it pulled most of my curls out, which was sad. I had 3a hair to start with, but now, in places it's going wavy and I hate it.

I'm thinking of trying to use Metalex to take the henna out, but the problem remains - I don't really like my natural colour but regular drugstore hair dyes kind of damage my hair!

So - does anyone here have experience with other natural dyes (red ones)?
I'm too scared to touch anything with henna in the ingredients now :roll:



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    Henna is great if you can find the right products to help the curl. Protein or moisture treatments and also using amla and shikakai in the henna help curl. I used to use those temporary colors...Cairol Natural Instincts I think the color fades faster than a henna but I do not think it hurt my hair; I just do not like bad chemicals. Oh, and make sure it is body art quality henna , not the boxed stuff... it really makes a difference.
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