My hair type, and opinions needed

BoyofcurlsBoyofcurls Posts: 2Registered Users
What would you guys/girls say my hair type is? I have always been kind of self concious of my hair because I do not think of myself as attractive, but thats just me.
Note: in these pics I sorta finger combed my hair a lil bit first to make it a lil less bunched up so that my hairs length would show up a lil better [its about 1 1/2 inches, but it still barely shows up due to the curls]

Front view:
Back of my head:


  • FloatyTheFishFloatyTheFish Posts: 136Registered Users
    Uhhhhh 3a/b or 3b not really sure? Very nice curls they seem defined and frizz free. I LOVE when guys wear their naturally curly hair a little longer like that.
    Hair Type: 3a/b/c
  • princesscurlyprincesscurly Posts: 81Registered Users
    love your hair! I say 3a.
  • DelmaDelma Posts: 1,121Registered Users
    I'd say 3A/3B combo, also you shouldn't be so down on yourself you are a nice looking young man :D
  • BoyofcurlsBoyofcurls Posts: 2Registered Users
    Thank you guys for the help and compliments. I think I will stick around here :)
  • x3Tinax3Tina Posts: 77Registered Users
    My vote goes for 3a. :)
    P/w: curls
  • x3Tinax3Tina Posts: 77Registered Users
    Ah, DP. Sorry. :oops:
    P/w: curls
  • UnrulyCurlsUnrulyCurls Posts: 33Registered Users
    I think it looks like a mixture of 3A/3B too. I think your curls look very nice.. they like their is minimal or no frizz.. very nice.
    3B/3C, thick, biracial curls
    Modified CG
    Loving my Coconut Oil
    Scouting for the best straightener

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