Great new clip

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I just bought this clip at Target today:

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Came home and put my thick shoulder-length hair up in it - it holds it all really well and it gives a very polished look. Very comfortable too! I do yoga so it will be nice to have a clip I can lay on the back of my head with. Just wanted to share!
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    WOW! This clip looks awesome. It looks great on the model on the page. You're right though, it looks as if it gives a polished look thus truly appropriate for work.
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    Great! The solution to the hard hair clip/hairpins problem in supine yoga positions! Thank you.
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    those look awesome! i've got to run out to rite aid today!
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    awww, i wish i could use hair clips!!! My hair is tooo big!!!
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    awww, i wish i could use hair clips!!! My hair is tooo big!!!

    I have this clip and LOVE it. It's a flexible plastic so you should be able to use it even with really thick hair.
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    Just got this today too. Really like it !
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    :thumbup: These clips are great. Got two awhile back when Walgreens had them on sale...BOGO! I wear them to the gym all the time. Like saricurl said, it doesn't hurt when your head lays on them. They don't slip out or pull on your hair, very versatile.
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