So, what should hubby & I do tonite...

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My folks will have the little one tonite & bring the little one back some time tom...
Hubby doesn't know about it at the, what to do..hmmm :toothy10:

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    Ah, I see you were starting another thread with a poll. Here's my other response then:

    I know what you're planning for later, but go out for a nice quiet dinner by yourselves to set the mood. :iconbiggrin: If you're like us, you don't get out much without the kid. Enjoy! :icon_smile:

    Oh, and make sure they don't seat you with the families with kids. They ALWAYS try to do that to us, and we're thinking "why do we want to sit with a bunch of noisy kids when we left ours at home?! :goofy:We might as well have brought him (although he's well-behaved)" and then we miss our son. LOL
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    Dinner without the kids is a treat, so my vote is dinner. But why not throw in a movie too, since the folks have you little one overnight.

    Have fun!
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    I voted 'go to dinner'. But I would also add 'go for a walk' and 'have an unforgettable evening'. ; )
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    I say go to a movie. We take the kids out to dinner often, but you can't take them to a (non-kid) movie. If you have time for both, then go out to eat and see a movie. Whatever you decide, enjoy your evening.
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    Dinner, movie, and a nice walk!
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