Need help with instructions to hair stylists

FilantraFilantra Registered Users Posts: 8
i came from a place there is no good curly hair stylists, mainly becoz there r so few people with curly hair here. and i'd like to know the basic rules for cutting curly hair, so i can tell my stylist a good way to cut my hair.

i have 3a/3b black, asian hair. its just past my shoulderblades and i want to keep it as long as i can but everytime they insist on taking of at least 2 inches. ( i alway think they take of more than that but maybe it just looks that way coz of my curls)

i've heard that our hair is supposed to be cut dry, and they should not comb it up to cut. is that true? cos thats what they've always been doing for me.
would appreciate any advice!


  • morrighumorrighu Registered Users Posts: 707
    It should be cut dry, one curl at a time. You have prep work to do but you might try one of the "ethnic" salons. I've had much better luck going there for hair cuts than the "regular" beauty salons.

    Failing that, find someone who cuts hair who is a curly themselves or at least a wavy. At least then they have SOME clue about how much your hair shrinks, etc.

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