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I have a 7 year old daughter how has hair that falls somewhere in the 3b to 3c catagory. Curls not quite as tight as a straw, but not as large as a salt shaker. Its more like maybe a magic marker size. Although, she does have some very tight curls (straw size) through out her hair. Its is getting quite long, she is nearly able to sit on it now, because I have been terrified to have it cut because I was told that most stylist do not know how to cut curly hair. Ok..well that is not my problem at the time, trying to take care of her curly locks is my problem though. I don't have the slightest idea as to how to take care of them. I thought I did, but I was so wrong. Can someone please tell me what to do. What kind of shampoo and conditioner to use...how to make them bouncy and pretty again? Anything you can tell me Im sure would be helpful at this point.


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    We might have better suggs if we know what doesn't work. Also, what's wrong with her hair now?

    If it's dry/frizzy, have you tried skipping shampoo and washing with conditioner only? Suave coconut works well for my DD. The conditioner has enough surfectants in to get the hair clean. Also, if you're not leaving conditioner in, that might make a huge difference. Leave it in so that it's so thick you can see it--it disappears when it dries. I got this advice years ago from someone with 3c hair and it's been a lifesaver for us.
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    Well, I was using Herbal Esscence for Curly Hair on her hair, and we dont normally wash it every day...maybe 2 to 3 times a week. It is very dry and very frizzy, I have to use a detangler spray on it in the mornings just to even come close to getting a comb through it and even after all that spray, it still takes around 30 minutes just to get all of the knots and rats out of it. Once it is dry again, it frizzes out again really bad, it looks as if she rubbed a balloon on it and caused some serious static in her hair once it is dry. It turns into a major fluff ball. Im just lost with all of this. I have straight hair, my oldest has straight hair..heck my entire family has straight hair. She is the only one, for as far back as I can remember that has curly hair. Im not sure if that was enough info for you to be able to help, but its all I can think of at the moment.
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    Check out this website, her tips were a fantastic starting point for me, and with a little tweaking I'm sure she can help you too.

    3c on top and 4a all over
    acv rinse once a week; co wash twice a week
    still experimenting to see what works for me.
    It's A Boy!!



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