Screw my summer '09 big chop...

Jaguar PawJaguar Paw Registered Users Posts: 199
I big chopped yesterday...




  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Look at those pretty, pretty curls! Congratulations!

  • cysycacysyca Registered Users Posts: 362
    Girl you are so attractive with your TWA and I love your curls. Just adorable.
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  • OnMyJourneyOnMyJourney Registered Users Posts: 140
    Oh my goodness, you are sooo beautiful!! Congratulations on your BC!!!

    I'm trying so hard to hold out until my Oct. BC, but you all are making it SO difficult for me!! Everyone is BC'ing as of late! :happy7:

    I DID THE BC ON MAY 24TH, 2009 @ approximately 2:00am!


  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Registered Users Posts: 15,402 Curl Neophyte
    That is so pretty! Congratulations!
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  • blessedhimeblessedhime Registered Users Posts: 1,458
    WOW! You look absolutely gorgeous with your TWA. Your curls are truly amazing and so defined. Congratulations. :occasion7:
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  • j-jill. j-jill. Registered Users Posts: 147
    Wow! Those curls look gorgeous on you!
    Hair Type: 2b/2c (:

  • mixededmixeded Registered Users Posts: 381
    Check out the silky curls! Beautiful, congrats!
    :duckie: Fotki!
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    Jan. 2009
  • curlymaybecurlymaybe Registered Users Posts: 354
    You look awesome! Congrats!
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  • naturalnurse04naturalnurse04 Registered Users Posts: 162
    Congratulations! Your hair is gorgeous!!!
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  • heyitsmefeheyitsmefe Registered Users Posts: 101
    You look amazing! Loving the curls :thumright:
  • va_candiva_candi Registered Users Posts: 849
    It looks great! Congrats!
  • zanii0506zanii0506 Registered Users Posts: 176
    beautiful!!! congrats!!
  • garnergarner Registered Users Posts: 82
    You look FANTABULOUS!!! :) Congratulations!!! I knew you couldn't wait! What/who gave you the push?
  • Jaguar PawJaguar Paw Registered Users Posts: 199
    garner wrote: »
    You look FANTABULOUS!!! :) Congratulations!!! I knew you couldn't wait! What/who gave you the push?

    My relaxed hair looking raggedy.
    Spending money at the salon only to have my straight hair frizz.
    Keeping my relaxed hair in a bun.

  • faithful7faithful7 Registered Users Posts: 58
    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! You and your hair are gorgeous!!
    I just BC'd!!!!
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  • c.ptfemmec.ptfemme Registered Users Posts: 67
    transition - 12.07 - 3.09 (15 mos)
    length: medium
    hairy type: diff types.

  • tnaturaltnatural Registered Users Posts: 362
    WOW!!!!! Looks awesome! Congratulations!
    Last texturizer-9/18/08

  • Nichole23Nichole23 Registered Users Posts: 57

    Natural | BC: Sept 4th, 2009 | Curl Type: 3c
    Fine | Low Porosity
  • DivaGyrlDivaGyrl Registered Users Posts: 84
    You are gorgeous! Congratulations!
  • Booker Ts MamaBooker Ts Mama Registered Users Posts: 670
    Good for you!!!!!Don't you feel so much better not having all that extra hair?

  • DeeMarieDeeMarie Registered Users Posts: 56
    SO pretty! Look at those curls!
    BC'd April 25, 2009 :happy10::

    Started transitioning Feb. 2008. I love what I've discovered! My scalp thanks me every day.
    pword: hairitis
  • preddy_blakkpreddy_blakk Registered Users Posts: 39
    Congrats!! Love your curls! Very pretty!


    Last Relaxer: 10/18/2008

    Probable BC : 10/10/2010
  • mariag002mariag002 Registered Users Posts: 3,557 Curl Neophyte
    Beyond beautiful, as always! Congratulations!!!!

    BTW I knew you would cut it soon! LOL
    - Maria

    Big Chop: 9/23/07
    Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

  • drasdras Registered Users Posts: 175
    wow you hair looks great after the big chop.

    Do you have any recent pics?

    How did you get those curls?
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  • mimig218mimig218 Registered Users Posts: 9
    Your hair is beautiful! Nice curls.
    Last Relaxer: August 2008
    Currently Transitioning
    BC plans: June 2010 :toothy8:
  • MrsKJSMrsKJS Registered Users Posts: 17
    OMG, beautiful!! Congratulations.
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  • Au naturaleAu naturale Registered Users Posts: 9
  • BajanNikkiBajanNikki Registered Users Posts: 19
    That's great and you look so pretty!!!:blob2:
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  • NaturallySweet100108NaturallySweet100108 Registered Users Posts: 2
    wow! ! !
    I wish I could get the guts to do that!
    That looks absolutely gorgeous on you!
    Congrats! :occasion5:
  • SwtSabiSwtSabi Registered Users Posts: 18

    Your going to make me jump on the bc bandwagon :neutral: while am trying to transition for a year at least.

    I love it a lot, you can rock those beautiful cute tiny curls, congrats love :D
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