International shipping, what happened?

ladycrownladycrown Posts: 15Registered Users
Dear Curlmart,

I don't understand why international shipping has been raised from approximately 30 dollars to 80 dollars?? What happened? Is this permanent or is it an error?


  • Shelly FontanaShelly Fontana Posts: 253Registered Users

    We moved all of our shipping to UPS a few months ago. We will offer USPS to our international customers in a couple of weeks as we realize the cost of international UPS shipping is extremely high.

    Thank you,
    Shelly Fontana
  • Emma2009Emma2009 Posts: 14Registered Users
    That's great - thank you.
  • lapushkalapushka Posts: 601Registered Users
    How much would it be after switching to USPS? Just curious.

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