To grow, or not to grow?

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Hi. I'm incredibly perplexed about my hair currently. I love the look of long curls. I just think they're beautiful, so I'm considering growing out my hair. When I was really young, it was very long, but it's been shoulder length or shorter since then. It's currently a little below my ears.

My routine is relatively simple. Occasional shampoo, daily conditioner, gel, and anti-frizz creme. I don't really like too much fuss, but I'm willing to put in more effort.

I'm just wondering whether anyone has some input. I don't really have any curly friends/family that have undergone this, so I figured this was a good place to go. :) Anyone have stories/advice? Thanks!


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    I have been gradually chopping my hair off and loving it more and more every time it gets a bit shorter, but here's my input on longer hair:
    it's a LOT more work, a LOT more product, etc. That's obvious, but still something to think about--it also takes longer to detangle, might be harder to sleep on, and will definitely take much longer to dry.
    One major thing that also bothered me about long hair is chairs. When your hair gets long enough to get squished between your back and a chair, it takes a lot more attention--you always have to think about swinging it forward or over the chair back because if you don't, the curls get all messed up from rubbing on the chair. I'm only now realizing that was a big reason why my hair always looked pretty bad. It'll also be much more of a fight keeping hair out of your face, keeping cool in summer...etc.

    But I only gave you the bad sides of it, there's good sides too obviously, and if you want to see how you'd look with it, I see no reason not to try (worst case scenario, you....cut your hair off again ;) )
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    I really hadn't thought about all of that-- thanks! I appreciate it a lot. Maybe I'll try a middling length or something. Might be easier to handle, but prettier than my current shrub. :)
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    I grew mine out for about 3 years and it was around brastrap length...

    Last week I dramatically cut almost all of it off...I don't like it this short but that's another story.

    My hair is 3a and I found as it gets below my shoulder I tend to just wear it up all the took so long to wash and untangle and dry (hours literally)...And weirdly I hate the feeling of tons of hair on my hair and down the back of my jacket etc...I just felt lost in hair...maybe it is because I am only 5'1 so I felt like a walking hairball....My curl formation also seems to look best when my hair is mid length...

    I doubt I'll grow mine past my shoulder again....

    But, nothing beats a long head of curly hair...I just don't seem to be able to handle caring for it...
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    I am dealing with this same dilemma. I love the dramatic/romantic look of long curls, but they DO take a lot more maintenance. As a college student, I'm starting to think that a shorter style, like an inverted bob, would be more convenient, both time-wise and economically. But on the other hand, I like long hair much better and I know I would regret the cut, no matter how cute it looked.

    I would suggest getting a few inches cut off for shaping, and that might bring back some bounce to your curls and give you the novelty high of a new hairstyle without sacrificing all of your length. This is probably what I'll do, because I'm a chicken. :happy10: (I cut my own hair)
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  • thesarahsoundthesarahsound Registered Users Posts: 25
    Thanks for your input! I appreciate it.

    Caireann-- Thanks for the walking hairball point... I'm a half inch shorter than you!

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