Scent of AOMM vs. QCCC?

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This is an odd question, I know. For those of you who've used both, can you tell me how the orange scents of these products compare? I was not expecting the strong orange odor of the QCCC. Is the AOMM scent as strong or is it a different type of orange? I have an aversion to the QCCC orange smell that makes me gag, but I'm interested in the AOMM - just afraid of the smell! TIA
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    AOMM's scent is not strong at all. It's quite mild (I'm fragrance sensitive).
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    AOMM's scent is not strong at all. It's quite mild (I'm fragrance sensitive).

    I agree. I was expecting AOMM to be weirdly citrus scented like their Desgin B5 gel, but AOMM is surprisingly very lightly scented.
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    I really don't notice the scent of the AOMM, at all. I think it's one of the best bargains around! Great product. And for me, it "plays" nicely with everything!
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    I was actually hoping the AOMM would be MORE orangey/citrus scented, but's very light. So far I'm really liking it.

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