anyone have SELF TANNERS they want to get rid of or swap for ANYTHING?

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Hey there, I am living in Hawaii and am visiting friends in a few weeks on the mainland. I am the whitest person you have ever seen and will get RIDICULED to the max if I show up pale. So can anyone help me out and send me tanners? I can't find these here and I hear they are good. PLEASE let me know!! I'll buy them from you or swap them or w/e!

- Clarins Sheer Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanner for the Face
- ChanelPerfect Colour Face Self-Tanner
- Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun for Face
- Savage Bronzer
- Hawaiian TropicIsland Glow Daily Moisturizer
- Bare Escentuals Faux Tan
- Clarins Liquid Bronze
- Neostrata Self Tan


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    I have several from last summer... I need to look and see what brands they are but I can make you up a package of them (I just don't have time to use them).

    I am willing to trade or whatever. I would really be interested in low poo or other CG products.
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    oh I'm sorry I didn't realize anyone posted a reply on this! What products do you think you have? Most self-tanners can go bad after a year, but I'm still desperate so..haha