Is There Any Hope??

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Ok, I have very very dark brown hair (almost to the point of black) and I'm tired of it. Is there ANY color at all that would go over my dark, dark, dark brown hair? I'm assuming not, but you never know...


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    there are ways to lighten and color dark hair like yours, but i'd go to a professional to do it. Just in don't want to end up with orange hair from the bleach :)
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    Dark hair like yours *can* go lighter but its done through something called double process. That means your hair gets processed twice. First it gets bleached out to remove the natural dark color and then it gets dyed back to your desired color. Using that, even you can be a platinum blond. However - and this is big - if you are going to double process your hair, you need a hairstyle that is as short as possible. I would also say that this is something that you should NOT attempt at home, under any circumstances!!!

    One, it takes some experience to bleach the hair properly. Picking the correct bleach strenght and timing it all require in depth knowledge of the products that your stylist is working with.

    Two, you have to mix the color properly. All hair colors contain an element of red in them. As your darker color is bleached out, it will be come progressively more orange until you look like the great pumpkin. That's ok. The second phase, the coloring, includes something called "corrective color" where extra pigments to neutralize the red/orange tones are mixed into the colorant.
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    For someone with extremely dark virgin hair(I know, because my non-grey hair is that)it is not recommended to go too light, as it will wash one out, destroying the beautiful natural contrast between hair and skin. Why not just lighten up by just two shades? That's a whole lot easier, and perfectly possible with box hair colors too. It will look a whole lot more natural, but will definitely give you a brightening-up boost without washing you out. Does your skin have a warm, neutral or cool undertone? This will determine what family of color you go with, even within the browns. If you could tell us that, that would be really helpful.
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    Yes there is a hope, if I got my hair to change color then you can do it. I have dark brown hair too. Last spring I got the crazy idea of using Blonde color (one of those icy blond grades) and put it on my hair, I started watching it until the I started seeing this light reddish brown color.... wait it gets even better.. I was happy with the reddish brown color I got (never in my life saw my hair in a different color!!!) so I washed it and when it was completely dry... surprise surprise.. it was bronze/brown, which is a color I always dreamed of having.
    I still have the color on top of my hair, it faded on the bottom curls (I didn't put a lot of color I focused on the top curls) and my hair grew a lot on the crown but I am still happy with the bronze color I still have that I'm afraid if I try to do anything it will go away. I think I'm going to let it grow more then probably do the same thing again.
    You can try it on some hidden curls in the bottom. Watch the time until you get to a color you think you like. Let it dry then see if you like it.
    Good luck
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