Emu oil: DY vs Skincare Central

tessleopardtessleopard Registered Users Posts: 9
i'm aware that both are from LB Processors, which is what i'm looking for. DY's is a few dollars cheaper, but also has Vit E in it. will Vit E clog my pores? also, am i better off just getting pure emu oil - i.e., is DY "cutting" the emu with the Vit E and acting like it's a favorable addition when it really just saves them money?


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    I can't answer your question because I'm not sure what the concentrations are of each.

    i can tell you that Vit. E is awesome for your skin and I can also tell you that the Ultra Emu Oil from DY is awesome!

    So even if they are "cutting" it....it works great for me without being oily or greasy!

    I know that may not help you but it is another opinion. :)
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  • tessleopardtessleopard Registered Users Posts: 9
    alisons79 wrote: »
    i can tell you that Vit. E is awesome for your skin

    thanks alison... i know Vit E is good for your skin, but it's also pretty cheap. so if it's not actually important to the emu oil working better, or if there's a lot of it in the emu oil, i'd rather buy it separate and get pure emu oil. does that make sense?
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    I love my emu. I get the ultra emu also...the ones from DY and skincarecentral.biz are identical, but skincarecentral gives you 20% off every day on everything, so it's really cheaper (especially if you buy the 2 oz. size), and if I recall correctly, their shipping is also a little less.
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  • tessleopardtessleopard Registered Users Posts: 9
    thanks to both of you for all of your help - i went with skincarecentral to save a few bucks...which just meant i spent a few more bucks at psf. le sigh:grommit:

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