Eric Holder's Remark about Americans and Race

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Recently, AG Eric Holder observed that Americans are cowards when it comes to race, in that African Americans and Caucasians don't mix socially.

What does everyone think about this? It's not my experience, but I do think there's some truth to it, sadly.


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    I totally get his point. I think using the word coward turned off people from really getting what he was saying, though.
  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users
    You know......I totally agree. Maybe if he'd said that we're all missing out by our choice of social separation, he'd have had a more positive response.
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    I didn't see or hear his comments. I guess if he is talking about Americans -- and I guess he means just black and white Americans? -- older than 45, then there is some truth in that. I think that many white Americans part of the generations where being racist was just natural probably have a lot of shame for their former beliefs and actions and really don't know how to proceed. The ones who don't are probably just wrapped up in thinking they're better than everyone who isn't white like them.

    Many of the older black people are probably wary for good reason. It would be hard to forget that your life was in danger if you upset a white person. And the other ones are probably too bitter and angry to associate with the "enemy." I would assume that the situation would be the same for other people of color who faced similar discrimination during the pre-Civil Rights era.

    As for the younger generations, I don't think the same thinking applies. Those born in the 1970s and after are forced to associate with people different than them. Even if they don't have friends that look physically different, it usually isn't because of racist beliefs.
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    well, i don't think it's because we're cowards but because we're raised in segregated environments and have different likes and dislikes.

    when we start living together we'll start socializing together. those that live in diverse neighborhoods don't have this problem.
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    I think, sadly, there is some truth to what he's saying. If we just gave one another a chance then I think that we'd get along. I'm not saying that's going to solve everything; we still have a ways to go, but we all need to start somewhere.
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  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users
    How does everyone handle this issue in her personal social life?
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    ninja dog wrote: »
    How does everyone handle this issue in her personal social life?

    In all honesty, I try to be open minded. I think I am fair to everyone, but then on the other hand to be realistic, there are no minorities (or at least none to amount to anything) in my small town. I have always hoped under different circumstances that I would be fair and open minded, but then how do we know until we are put in that situation. I know I rate people more (90%) on their personality regardless of color and 10% on how bad their grammar is. Sorry, but I am a grammar-phobe.
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    Did you say "Gramophone?"

    Just kidding!
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    I live in a fairly diverse city, but racial segregation still abounds, and I think this has a lot to do with class (i.e., a lot of AfAms live in the "poor" section of town, whereas whites are more spread out. I think we have a lot farther to go than we THINK we do. I hear lots of ignorant comments made by perfectly intelligent, open-minded people, but it seems like our sentiments about race and ethnicity have yet to catch up.
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    Some of my neighbors have the confederate flag posted in their yards. :confused::sad3:

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