Black or dark brown color that stays put!

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I need one. My hair is naturally dark brown, and it's highlighted. I've tried to color over the highlights to get back to my natural color, but it always fades so quickly. I guess it's true once you get highlights, they're there to stay. Anyone been in this situation, and what do you do?

Would black henna or indigo work better? I've heard a little about these things from this board, but have never used either. I also use honey in my conditioner (just a small amount). Could this be affecting my dye jobs?


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    I have the world's most resistant gray hair in the world, and color would come right off when I shampoo. Until I found NaturTint, which you can get at Whole Foods - I use shade 2N, which is their brownish black shade. It lasts the whole six weeks, and the only gray I ever see is new growth. It's really awesome!
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  • AdrinaAdrina Banned Banned Users Posts: 107
    I wish I had a Whole Foods near me, but I don't. :sad1: Thanks, anyway.
  • AdrinaAdrina Banned Banned Users Posts: 107
    Has anyone tried Garnier 100% Color in the dark shades? I've read good reviews of it in the red shades. Haven't seen many people talking about it on this site, though.
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    You could try one of Robert Craig's browns.
    It is a gentle color and is great for covering old highlights. Just be sure to choose a color 2-3 shades lighter than you think, as the highlights (or curly hair in general) will grab the color and get dark. Don't use a black if you want dark brown. :)
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    First off, there are different kinds of hair color. Make sure that you are using one that is classed as "permanent". "Demi-permanent" or "semi-permanent" are *designed* to wash out of a period of time.

    1) Do not get your hair wet for at least 24 hours before you color.

    2) Follow the directions on your hair color exactly.

    3) If you have resistant grey, look into using professional hair color from the beauty supply instead of kits.

    4) Do not get your hair wet for at least 72 hours AFTER you color to allow it to stabilize.

    5) If you are going to be out in the sun, cover your hair if you can.

    6) Make sure that you remove any chlorine (pool, hot tub, etc.) or salt water from your hair ASAP.

    If you try all that and it still does't work, consider using professional hair color from a beauty supply with an additive for resistant grey hair. If that doesn't work, then you can try using a more potent developer (start with 10 and work your way up to 40).

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    Highlights make the hair porous. I use clariol jazzing (clear) right after coloring and with heat for 30 minutes. Its helped alot with my color not fading. Its just a glaze struttswife suggested it in one of her posts. I also do protein treatments as often as needed. I get 3 treatments out of 1 bottle of jazzing. You get it at sallys 6.00.
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    Honey can have a "bleaching" effect since it naturally contains small amounts of peroxide. You can lower your risk of lightening by not leaving the honey in your hair for too long (i.e., don't use it as a leave-in) or warming it first, since that will negate the chemical action of the peroxide.
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