Curls, "A Love-Hate Relationship"

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Any one with curly hair has had their moments. Some good, some bad, some even worse. How many of us have heard this, "I would die for your hair!" How many of us have heard, "I would die for your hair," and lives with curly hair?

So what am I talking about?

I am talking about the love-hate relationship of naturally curly hair. Don't we all love the friz, the humididty, the rain, etc., etc., etc. But even more anticlimatic than that is the miricle goop that takes out the friz, weight, texture, unrullyness, and cash from our pocket books. I don't know about you, but I want my hair on someone who wants mine. How fun would that be? The adage of getting what you want is femeral.

But not anymore! I decided to find the best and let Mark do what he does best. He took the frustration out of my unruley hair without getting frustrated.

Well how is that possible? It is possible by intrusting in someone who empathizes with you when you decide to go to someone else to cut your hair with no idea what it is like to wake up and go to the streets looking like Shaft.

Is that enough, an empathizer of culy frustration? Of course not..

Vince Lambardi said every year, "Let's get back to the basics." Mark says, "Lets get back to the basics as long as it make you look good and feel good."

Please, if you have culry hair don't go to Mark. Go to someone else who does not know curly hair. That way mine will always look better than yours. Scratch that, and let's all look good and feel good as the collective.

Go feel good and go to Mark Marcell at On the Avenue. He knows what we want and need. But please don't take my monthly time slot... Get you own.

Mark Marcell, thank you for specializing and doing what you do best! You are a new found friend and stylist forever.

Happy Hunter

I am only taking this time to help people with curly hair who wish they did not have it. Because time spent with mark will change you pardigm about the curse bestowed against you.

Mark, thank you for making me feel good about my hair style through your rare talent. I would not travel over 2000 miles each month if I thought anyone could replicate your talent. San Francico to Dallas is no longer a want in my budget, but a need and must have in my budget.

I am forever grateful for you gift, perseverence, and constent education to keep on top of this niche so I feel on top of mine.

Your loyal client,
Hunter Lawerence

P.S. My fellow strugglers of curl that is never good enough, it can be if you know Mark Marcell at On The Avenue.

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