Liquid Keratin *My Experience*

curlynyricancurlynyrican Posts: 134Registered Users
I drank the cool aid when it came to the advertisements and website. This product is expensive even with a coupon. I’ll admit I expected a miracle. I used the product this afternoon. I followed the directions very closely. The first thing I noticed was that the shampoo and spray did not make my hair feel soft when wet. It was hard for me not to put in a little bit of leave-in conditioner to soften it up (I didn’t). I saturated my hair with the spray and left it in for 30 minutes as the directions stated. In the 30 minutes I had to let it set my hair almost completely dried. It was almost too dry to blow out. I sectioned my hair and blew it out with a round brush. My hair felt soft and it dried quickly and was shiny but it was not any easier to get it perfectly straight than usual. My hair still is not completely flat even after running the flat iron over it. I’ll wait the 48hrs before washing out but so far I am not impressed.

I'll update in a few days with my final results. I probably won't straighten again though. 2 Days seems to short a time between heat treatments.