Help Please! (overwhelmed by all the options)

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My hair is 2b-3a (on a really good my curls feel like behaving themselves I found a product/conditioner combination that works, and the baby didn't pull them out day {whew, sorry}) I have fine hair that is overprocessed at the ends.

I am looking for a conditioner that will moisturize my hair, but not weigh it down. And a gel that has enough hold, but also will not weigh my hair down.

I'm new to the curly life, and would appreciate advise for a good starter combination. I'll start experimenting with more (I'm a proud hair product junkie) but something to start weaving through the maze with would be nice.

Thnx for your help!


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    I started out where you are, curlwise, last year. Winter wavy, summer 3a. With product and technique, it's like my signature. Most of us rotate products--my hair satiates on things. Personally, I've gone to more natural products and my hair is really happy.

    The best advice is to find someone with hair like yours--more in texture and porosity then curl type. And "stalk" them. Look at what they use (in signature) and what's of interest to them. Those are the products that might works for you--at least it's a good place to start.
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    In addition to what kathymack said, I think that what helped make my adjustment to CG easier was finding a cowash, a rinse out, and a clear gel. Keeping the routine simple like that I think gives you hair a little bit less of a shock than if you suddenly throw in conditioner washing and a whole slew of new products all at once. I used suave naturals coconut, I used more of that as a rinse out (I wouldn't recommend this for very long, it's not moisturizing enough for most people; I'd pick up some L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss for Medium to Long Hair that's Wavy/Curly if you can find it), and I used Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Gel (Totally Twisted, Set Me Up, and Body Envy are all Herbal Essences gels and they are all CG)

    After I had adjusted to CG life, then I got into more fun products and I'm very much a PJ now.
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    ok dokay a-stalking I go :p.... Thank you