Growing pains and teenage angst with a little added baggage

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I'm 15 years old and unfortunately, like most girls my age I am not at all happy with my body! I'm not fat or skinny, just somewhere in the middle. It just drives me crazy to look in the mirror and not embrace what I see, but instead pinch and twist the fat that sometimes isn't even there! So...I suppose what I'm asking is if anyone can give me any tips on how to tone up and slim down (healthily of course!) and to share experiences they've had with self-esteem or weight issues.

This is open to everyone!

Thanks! :)
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    I don't have any tips for health, but I can tell you that when I finally accepted myself (and I mean my opinions, my thoughts, etc) i was able to be happy with my body. Nothing changed, just my mind. I now make sure that when I decide something, its because I think it is what I should do, not what I think other people would think I should do.

    I hope that made sense. Good luck!
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    Curlymix gave great advice. I would add that if you get active - play sports, start yoga/pilates, dance, go to a gym - you'll begin to appreciate your body for what it can do for you and how it makes you feel. If you start to appreciate it, you'll become more comfortable with how it looks. And as you move and use it more, it'll look better. It's a win/win!

    Also - regarding nutrition - do your best to eat *real* food and avoid processed stuff. Emphasize real fruit/veggies/lean protein and whole grains. Allow an occassional treat or indulgence on the weekend or for special occassions, but if the focus of what you eat is healthy, your body will reflect that.

    Good luck! And by the way, you look gorgeous in your avatar!
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