Still not sure how to style and needing to figure out fast!

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Hi Everyone,

I posted in my introduction that I only discovered that I have curly hair a few years ago when I was studying in Japan. (Which is why I chose my name here). I've since adjusted to having wavy hair, and am glad. I've seen several people post about the media portraying people as more "together" when their hair is straight. I'd never noticed, but I think you're all right and that it's ridiculous. Actually, the time when my hair was first curly was when I was at my happiest and most together. So, I only associate curly hair with a happier, more together person!

But, anyway, I still wear my hair both ways. I'm a 2b, I think. I am not really sure. There's still a lot I don't know. I still like it both ways, but a lot of times, I wear it straight, (i.e. for an interview) because I am still not sure how to do my hair curly and have to go with certain styles I know I will do right. I still am not sure what to do with my hair half the time. I see so many beautiful styles with waves, but how do you do them? I still feel like my hair comes out messy half the time.

The other thing is that I am moving to Japan again soon. I have been busy preparing to go, so I haven't had time to look at this site or try anything on it, and I won't have time for much either. Japan is extremely humid, and my hair will get a lot frizzier and curlier. They don't have frizz products there either! I will need to bring an arsenal with me! So, can I get some suggestions? I know I'm not giving a lot to go on here...

Right now, I'm using Aveda's frizz serum and Aveda Hang Straight for the days that I want a wavier look. Sometimes I use just the two of those, and then I blow dry the bangs with a round brush. Sometimes, with that combination, I also use Aveda control paste with that combination. I've also started sometimes using their define whip instead of that. If I'm going for a curlier look, I'll use their Be Curly instead. But, I still think there must be more that I can do... Also, I want to be using the round brush on my bangs less, because I have thinning hair and am not supposed to be using it because of that.

I have no idea how well these will work in Japan, though... I need intensive anti-frizz measures for there...

Thanks for reading! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!