Freckly (sort of) Legs

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I don't have freckles (at least I don't think so) but it seems like my legs do. I don't know if they're pores or whatever but there are always these dots on my legs. All of my leg hair grows out of these dots but there are dots without leg hairs (I'm pretty sure these dots are growing anything b/c I haven't shaved my legs in months). The freckliness goes from the tops of my thighs to the tip of my ankle on both legs and is very frustrating. When I shave my legs, they're still there and it makes it look like I didn't shave! I have brown skin and black hair and the dots are darker than my skin.

I really want to make it stop and I don't remember if I had this problem when I was a kid (17 now) but it's been like this for at least 3 years I can remember. If anyone has dealt with this or has suggestions, can you help me out?
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    sorry for the super late reply but i think you have keratosis pilaris... its not deadly or anything but it is annoying ( i inherited it from my mom) i think it starts to go away as you get older because the bumps on my moms legs arent as visible as they used to be.

    oh and by the way,i dont know if it happens to you but my legs actually look worse after shaving because it irritates the bumps so i try to shave less often.

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    If it's not keratosis pilaris, then it could be severely dry skin. Since I moved to a desert climate, I've had to combat dry skin on my legs. I noticed that my legs had dark dots on them, and the skin looked rough and uneven in tone. I now apply shea or cocoa butter every day, and this has helped a lot. You may also want to shave in the direction of the hair growth or use a depilatory as not to aggravate the problem.
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