Has anyone ever heard of "just natural" hair care prodcuts?

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I am having some issues with my hair and scalp. I’ve experienced some serious itching on the back of head and in that area the hair has been breaking off. I plan on going to the dermatologist this week but am very interested in exploring some natural and organic hair products. Of course anything I use will be in conjunction with my doctor. Right now, I am really focused on having a healthy scalp which I believe will result in a healthy head of hair. I was looking around for some possible products I cam arcross this line. Has anyone ever heard of them?

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    I just saw these the other day after spending a bunch of $ on other products to try. I love the ingredients in everything! I guess I am going have to try yet another gel and maybe the shine spray; I am going to try to wait at least a month though! For scalp issues I'd stay away from plastics; PVP/VA copolymer or any copolymer. A lot of "natural" products use plastics! I do not think they hurt hair but they coat the scalp and may cause hair loss and other problems. A lot of CG products also have copolymers.
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    I used several of their products with no sucess. I didn't really like it. But it might work for others.

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