Shameless brag about me

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Behold, the power of surfing the net for a living:

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So all those who feel that their curly hair can hold them back professionally, I say:



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    VERY cool! And great picture!

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    Wow that's awesome. I enjoyed reading your article!
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    nice!! :blob2:
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    Yay you!!!
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    Great picture! You look beautiful - at peace and happy. :)

    Rock on with your bad self.


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    Definitely bragworthy, thank you for sharing this. You are glowing in that photo. :)
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    Very cool!

    That's a great picture too.
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    I live a little south from San Antonio. Your name sounds so familiar. Has there been other articles about you in the past? Not necessarily from that particular paper, but from other sources?
    Or maybe I just hang out here too much...LOL
    That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

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    What an interesting article...and a great photo of you. Congratulations!
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    Boomygrrl wrote: »
    I live a little south from San Antonio. Your name sounds so familiar. Has there been other articles about you in the past? Not necessarily from that particular paper, but from other sources?
    Or maybe I just hang out here too much...LOL

    No, this is the first article about me. I'm usually a "behind the scenes" person so it's a little weird for me to be in the spotlight.

    Thanks :)
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    goooo you webbie:blob2:
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    OMG - what happened to your foot!
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    me and the ice got into a fight..........i lost.....:sad3::laughing2: broken
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    woo hoo, webbie!!!

    My blog:

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    :hello1:Way to go, Webjockey!:hello1:

    You look great in the photo and I loved the part where you said the right keywords led you to your hubby :D . Maybe I need to pay Yahoo! a visit....
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    Yay Webbie!
    Poodlehead wrote:
    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:
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    That was a really nice article!
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    That is great!!! icon7.gif
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    That is really cool. Even though you post on here about some of that stuff, I still learned some new stuff about you. And that picture is just beautiful!
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    Great article.
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    Awesome!!!! :blob2:
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    First off, you look great – beautiful hair and skin!

    I really enjoyed reading the article and thought that it was so inspiring. Your candor and transparency throughout is really beautiful. I loved how you talked about your family’s experiences and struggles living in Tobago. Wonderful! This article makes me want to do more….
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    Very cool! I enjoyed reading that.
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    Very nice! Congrats!
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    Congratulations Webbie! Wonderful article and great picture! :thumbright:
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    I loved the article -- some really good points.
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    Great article! You deserve kudos for all you're doing. Probably even more important to you - great job emphasizing some of the things which really matter!
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    Thanks everyone!
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    Couldn't have happened to a :cool: er person!

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