hair, super dry!!!

morecurlymorecurly Registered Users Posts: 4
So i colored my hair on Saturday, using Clairol permanent hair color from Sally's. And it's super dry now. I used Aubrey organics honeysuckle condish yesterday in the shower and i used a a packet of ION condish that i bought at Sally's. it's still really dry, especally the ends.

What can I do? HELP!!!!


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    Morecurly - have you tried rubbing a little bit of olive oil into your hair?
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    Moreculy, I did a permanent hair color 3 weeks ago. I wish I didn't to be honest. You might need to deep condition twice a week. And moisturise, moisturise and moisturise. I made a "gel" with Hibiscus flowers, then added whipped butter and honey. I had great results from it.
  • morecurlymorecurly Registered Users Posts: 4
    i wish i hadn't colored my hair either, but i have a ton of greys i wanted to get rid of. I used ojon last night.

    i did do olive oil. what about jojoba oil? what does that do for you?
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    You should try using a DT over night.. just put it in and cover your hair with a conditioning cap right before you go to bed and rinse it out the next morning when you do your daily routine. I just got my hair colored and it seemed to help me (I have been putting DevaCurl Heaven in Hair in mine).. and my hair doesn't feel near as dry as when I didn't do it the times before. I hope this helps you.
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