Which method to use?

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I'm a little confused about which CG method I should be using as my hair grows out...let me clarify...

I have naturally wavy hair -- I guessed a 2c because it's very thick -- and before I found CG, I got tired of the in-between look and got a spiral perm. That was back in October, and it's starting to grow out now, and the roots look like they could be more wavy than before.

Since I started CG, I've been following the method for curlies because my hair was a type 3 permed. However, I've decided to grow it out and I'm not sure whether I should continue using the curly or switch to the wavy method or wait until it fully grows out to switch?

I have the book, so if you reference something from it I can look it up. :)


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    My humble opinion is that there is so much gray area that you should just embrace the general philosophy rather than hard and fast rules and just listen to your hair.

    My hair is much curlier when it is short, wavier as it grows but I really find that part impacts my routine less than seasonal changes, and because I travel a great deal type of water.

    Especially from a 2ish to 3aish, to me, there is tons of overlap. I have 2c and 3a and depending on the weather and water and other factors, even more variety on any given day! So I just take the general idea and tweek it when needed.
    2b (a fine 'n porous wavy)...and finally growing out :-)

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