The Body Shop Miracle

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I was ill two weeks ago (a vommiting bug) and since then my hair was AWFUL! usually it would get frizzy a few days after washing, but it was frizzy immediately after washing and there was nothing i could do! i was convinced it was because i'd been ill, vommited all the good things out my body, and we all know your health is reflected in your hair.

now usually i look forward to the hairdresser for the sole reason that they put a deep-treatement-conditioning-mask on it. i hate the hairdressers for every other reason, as they cut off my beautiful curls and can never style it properly!

so off i trotted to the body shop with my head of frizzy, scarecrow-hair. the shop assistant pointed me toward the brazil nut moisture mask. i also bought the honey shampoo and conditioner, for dry and damaged hair. it was quite costly, but it was worth it!

i'm not sure if the shampoo and conditioner had a HUGE effect but the mask certainley did! i applied it to damp hair, then pinned up and left in for about 4-5 hours. then i simply washed it out with the new shampoo and conditioner. and even whilst i was in the shower i could feel the difference in my hair! i was silky smooth, and thats not an exageration!

today is the 'morning after' and although the curls aren't as defined, due to the hair being SO silky, the condition of my hair has improved ten fold! i would certainley recommend this mask for maybe once a month self-treatement. i find my curls are best when they're at least a little heavy, as completely smooth conditioning prevents them from clumping. but my hair needed a miracle to make it soft and touchable, and here it is!

so if you're going to buy any beauty product luxury this month i'd recommend
:!: the body shop - 'brazil nut moisture mask' r.r.p. £6' :!:


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