Does washing your hair with soft water really make a difference?

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I've posted this question in the General Discussion for Curly Hair as well, but just realized I might get more responses here. Basically, I am wondering if washing your hair with soft water is a key thing in making it stronger or longer, or if it's satin pillowcases and/ or the right products that truly make a difference. My hair has gotten pretty long over time, but I've been doing so many different things to it (better quality conditioners, satin pillowcases, more vitamins, etc.) that I don't know if every aspect of my routine was equally important.

Please share your experiences with soft vs. hard water here if you have any answers, because I'm considering to going back to using soft water again if I can (that means filtered or spring water).


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    I do not know if there is a difference as far as health and growth but for curls , my hair likes our soft water. When I go somewhere with hard water I get a nice voluminous body wave that I absolutely could not duplicate at home. I wish I could get volume AND curl!
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    Thanks for the reply. Soft water sounds like the way to go!
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    imo- absolutely. when i moved to europe from the US, my hair completely broke off from the hard water here. also when i go to california to visit my family, my hair always behaves. i attribute it to the water filters they have in their home. now i use a clarifying shampoo in europe, and have noticed a huge difference.
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    I think the majority of people prefer soft water for their hair. But my hair hates it. It loses curl, loses definition, and get puffy and flyaway.
    It seems happy with hard water. Healthy, never any spit ends or breakage. But much of that might be attributed to going CG years ago.
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    How do you get "soft" water? Do you set your shower head on a lighter setting, or use filtered water and just pour it on your head? Thank you so much!
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    How do you get "soft" water? Do you set your shower head on a lighter setting, or use filtered water and just pour it on your head? Thank you so much!
    Soft and Hard refer to the minerals in the water, or the water itself, not water pressure.

    Hard water hasn't been put through a water softener, which removes a lot of the minerals in the water.
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