Hayley Marie Norman

joycurljoycurl Posts: 162Registered Users
I saw Fired Up this weekend and fell in love with her curls!


Type: 4ab
Co-Wash: Elucence MB Conditioner, ACV Rinse
Sealant: Coconut/Castor/Olive Oil Mixture
Style: My Own Butter Mix
Deep Cond: CJ Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment, Henna, Olive Oil & Honey
Current Faves: Coconut/Castor/Olive Oil Mixture, Henna, Curl Junkie Products
My Fotki


  • ~Curly~~Curly~ Banned Posts: 772Banned Users
    "Relaxer free Since 2003"
    3C in constant search for something that works!

    3C/4B(hairs that act 4b even if they technically aren't) no clue what i'm doing..:geek::hello2::afro:
    I will respond as I see fit. It should be about freedom to express our opinions, You're free to say what you like as should others. Get a Thicker Skin if no one can disagree with you without you feeling bullied and running to Admin Hellllllpppppp Meeee Adminnnnn Pleaseeee!!!! Smh
  • smurfette75smurfette75 Posts: 13Registered Users
    Ooohh, pretty!

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