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(note: this is copied from the going shampooless forum, but it is what happened to me today)

I went in to get some clips for my pincurls and asked about silicone free conditioners.

One of the clerks, a curly under cover, said that if I used a good clarifying shampoo, I wouldn't have to worry about silicones, they would be "clensed" from my hair. She bustled off before I could reply and returned with this clarifying shampoo and "straightening" serum. She recommended the serum because she could see that my hair was totally out of control and that this serum would "define" and "tone down" my curls.

When I asked her if she had ever heard of "Curly Girl" or the no shampoo method of caring for curls, she said "Nooooo..." I told her that I am shampoo free and my hair was beginning to heal from the years of harsh, drying shampooing and other things I did to try to "control" my hair and that I was just going to let the curls do as they pleased.

She was horrified and called the other clerk over to ask her if she had ever heard of it. They both recommended against it, said that my scalp would become diseased if I didn't use shampoo to clean it of the bacteria. I said I knew of people who had gone more than a year without using shampoo and that they had healthier hair and scalps than most others.

They were not convinced and as I was leaving with my clips, the clerk told me that in a week or so, when I started getting fungal infections of my scalp, she could recommend a good antifungal agent to help.

I think as my hair improves I'll find a reason to go in there every month just so I can let them know that I'm still shampoo free.
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    Hahahaha. :lol:

    I don't no-poo but I do low-poo (once every few weeks) and some people are totally disgusted when I tell them this. :roll:
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    They are rude and ignorant. Incidentally, a few weeks before starting my modified CG, we started covering surfactants in my chem class.The lecturer explained how conditioners can have a cleansing effect on the hair, as they contain surfactants to ensure that part of the conditioner rinses clean, whilst other components stay on the hair to provide the conditioning effect.

    They don't strip clean the hair like those in shampoos, but if you're on CG you generally shouldn't need to strip your hair to cleanse it all the time. The chem lecturer isn't a curlie, as far as I can tell (he has short hair), but he didn't have a nice word to say about SLS in shampoos.

    The fried-straight one especially should worry about her own hair. Just because she tries to "tone it down" doesn't mean the alternative is not beautiful.
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    I think when you say 'no shampoo' to people, they hear 'I don't wash myself.' I got some strange looks from people when they told me that they liked my hair, and asked what kind of shampoo I used and I said that I didn't use one. So I just started telling people that shampoos are damaging, so I wash my hair with conditioner. It sounds a little easier to understand, I guess.
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    Oh, I know . . . half of my family, and most of the people that I meet are totally disgusted by the fact that I don't shampoo. My mom has actually embraced the method, and her extremely damaged, thin, dry hair has never looked better. My dad has mostly given up on trying to convince me to use shampoo, after planting a few bottles in the bathroom that I use. I haven't shampooed regularly since March, and I haven't noticed any fungus; I don't know about the rest of you . . . :roll:

    I love the idea of finding excuses to go back as your hair improves - I think that's exactly what I would do
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    BethV wrote:
    They were not convinced and as I was leaving with my clips, the clerk told me that in a week or so, when I started getting fungal infections of my scalp, she could recommend a good antifungal agent to help.

    omg! this is the funniest bss story i've heard! especially the last "comeback" :lol: :lol:
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    So in the times before shampoos were invented, everyone went walking around with fungal infections of the scalp. Right, lady. When the men in white coats come to take you away, I'll bring you a care package... :wink:
    OMG, LOOK!!

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    That's the kind of ignorance that makes me see red. Next time you go there tell them that you know a licensed Cosmetologist (moi!) who's been successfully doing CG since April of '02 and shortly after starting it actually got cured of an annoying scalp condition which had plagued her for a very long time. I believe it was a reaction to SLS shampoos and COs with silicones. Recently I began fooling around with Pantene and my scalp has gotten messed up again. I'm doing vinegar rinses and massaging my scalp with it on to help clear this up.

    I got a similar reaction from a teacher of the beauty school I went to, I don't think she remembers anymore that COs contain surfactants! A couple of years ago when I was really active here I did a search about the history of shampoo and kept passing it along to convince some people in the General Discussion forum of exactly what wild_sasparilla said. In ancient times people used herbs and aromatic oils in their hair to keep it clean, they also didn't have as much need to wash it because there was no pollution back then.
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