Crazy crazy hair...

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So i have pretty much WILD hair. If I brush it, it's obscenely frizzy and nasty, but it gets split ended REALLLY bad.
Does anyone have any ways to prevent split ends?
I know everyone says to get your hair cut all the time, but I get it cut and like...practically the NEXT day it's split ended. And I'm trying to grow it out longer!
Also, I'm new...and curious, am I a 2c or a 3a?


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    What are you doing to your hair? Are you blow-drying it at high temperatures consistently? Do you brush it like you're punishing it? Is it overly dry or color-treated? There are a lot of reasons you could get many split ends quickly.

    The only way to get rid of a split end is to cut it off, from what I understand. There are many things you could do to PREVENT future splitting, including less heat, deep conditioning, and gentle brushing (if you have to do it at all - but that may be a major contributor to the wildness of your hair).

    To me, you look like a 2c, but I'm terrible at hairtyping.

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    I agree with annielutz about the typing and possible causes for your split ends. Too much heat, not enough conditioning or conditioners that dont have as much mositure as you'd need, or probably a lack of protein may make your hair as fragile as it is.