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So, I was looking for suggestions about how to use shea butter. I tried to use it as a sealant on my ends, but my hair was really greasy and sticky. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and what other ways you can use it. I hear it has a lot o beneficial properties, and I would like to know how to use it to get some decent results.

Thanks in advance
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    I use it to seal my ends and it is greasy so it doesn't take a lot. I use maybe a dime sized of unrefined, rub it in my palms to "melt" then rub it on my ends. I love it because my hair is a desert(lol). I also use it along my hairline, it acts as a great pomade. HTH
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    I use unrefined whipped shea on my ends before bed. What's left on my palms I gently rub on my canopy hair. I love it. But I can only use it if I am CO or WO washing the next morning; if I'm not going to wet my hair at all, it does sort of feel too oily and a bit waxy.
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    Thanks, ladies. I think I will give it another try. Do any of you guys use it melted, or does it even make a difference?
    sorry for all the questions.
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    I'm a guy. Seems like we're pretty rare in these forums...

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