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Hey everyone,

I've been flat ironing my hair for about a year and a half. It has finally rebelled against me; if I straighten it, it's straw-like, if I leave it curly, it's frizzy and dry. I have a ton of split ends and will probably need to cut a good inch off of my hair soon.

Anyway, I started the CG routine hair already feels better. :) However, next weekend I'm going to be going home and am in desperate need of a haircut. I know salons tend to use shampoo when they wash your hair before the cut - will this one wash undo all the effects of the CG routine?
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  • generositytgenerosityt Registered Users Posts: 245
    Why don't you wash your hair before you go? Then they will just spray some water on it before the cut. Also I know that to cut curly hair, they're supposed to cut it while it's dry to see where the curls tend to fall.
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    I don't know if you see the same person or not but I am pretty close with my hair dresser so I figure I will just ask her not to poo. I don't see why it would really make any difference to them. You could also ask them not to wash it and just wet it to cut. Hope that helps and welcome. 8)
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    My salon happens to have [buylink=]Deva Nopoo[/buylink] available, but I always bring my own products. Haven't had them do a regular poo/condition in over a year.
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