try maca for pcos

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google it. I'm not sure if I have pcos but I have suspected. I haven't been to a doctor to confirm this. I didn't want to go on birth control and a friend recommended maca root. You can get it in capsule form at whole foods or online from whole world botanicals. I took 3 in one day and they next day I got my period. I hadn't had a period since October. Its almost March.

Its all natural and basically it helps balance hormones in both men and women.

I posted about this under non hair discussion.


  • RinRin DerbyshireRegistered Users Posts: 46
    How does it work? I'm on BCP and have been on since being diagnosed 6 years ago. I would like to come off it but don't see any way out!! Can you take it alongside BCP?
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    But are you actually ovulating, or are you just having periods? You can have periods without ovulating. Some herbs can encourage periods, but I don't think they encourage actual ovulation.
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    BC isn't the only thing that wil bring on your period or regulate it. Metformin can help with that also. I've never heard about Maca and I'm interested in natural remedies so I will def check it out. Thanks for the head's up!
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    Maca root is from Peru, and it's good for lots of things. Energy, vitality, menopause discomfort, low sex drive, menstrual irregularity, and increasing fertility. My husband puts some in a smoothie everyday. It's supposed to readjust things at the cellular level, but I've always heard it takes a few weeks to work, so causing a period in three days is rare.
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    I have been wanting to try this.
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    I just purchased my maca by navitas a few days ago and it will arrive on Tuesday. I will update after 2 weeks of using the gelatinzed capsules. I also got some Evening Primrose as well. I hope they help my menstural cycles.
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    I bought some Maca but every time I open the bottle the smell makes me not want to take it.:(
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  • waterlilieswaterlilies Registered Users Posts: 9
    I bought this:

    I've been taking it for over a month and I'm seeing good results. I started it on day 1 of my period and my period went from 7/8 days to 4 days and it was much lighter than it usually is. This has never happened, so I'm really happy about this. I've had another period since then with the same results, so I will probably using maca for a very long time.

    I just received my second bottle and got this kind:

    It's got some other stuff in it that's supposed to be good to balance hormones, so I'm going to try it out to see which one I want to stick with long term.
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    I have PCOS and I have been seeing great results with eating a raw food diet. I will try the maca though. It could only help right?
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    I've been on BC for like 10 years because of my irregular periods and severe cramps. I tried maca but I noticed my face starting breaking out. I guess it was because it affects hormones.
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    I have been taking Maca and Fenugreek for the past month. I just got my cycle last week and didn't have ANY cramps I always have really bad cramps and nausea the first day! Plus I noticed that my butt and boobs got bigger-not that I need it though!
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