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Well, my little sister (age 12) after a good 7 years of being natural, had texlaxed her hair in September '08. What was supposed to be a basic loosening of her thick 3c/4a curls turned out to be a full on relaxer: all of her hair was permanently straightened. Now, she wants to transition from mostly relaxed (2 inch of new growth) to natural?

One specific problem she has encountered is that she can't seem to retain her growth, and still has a sort of belief in many black hair myths (her favorite is "water dries out your hair, so black people shouldn't rinse their hair often"). What are some great 4a hair tips I can pass on to her? I generally know some, but she needs visible proof that these tips work and such (one of the reasons I have to fotki stalk today, lol...) Thanks guys!
- Co-washing it with...whatever my hair likes best, DC-ing every week or so, bunning/twisting it for growth & thickness, and got to trim that heat-damage :c
- No heat for a 1 month challenge...doing baby steps.

6 month comparison!


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    Wow! I would think that your beautiful head of hair would be testimony enough. I don't know what I can tell you that you don't already know and show you proof of, but have you explained to her that it is not the water but the shampoo that really dries people's hair out?

    You can tell her that it is ok to wash with conditioner because it has detergents just like shampoo but won't dry her hair out. I say cowash her hair and give her a deep treatment (try out the caramel treatment if you haven't - it makes hair unbelievable soft) and maybe style her with some bantu knots or a braid out. When she sees how good her hair looks and feels she will be a believer!
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