3A-B, wannabe CG-er, in a major dilemma!

frizzwhizfrizzwhiz Registered Users Posts: 1
I have been wanting to go CG for a long while, but never got around to doing it... Now I am serious about it, but my mom won't let me by any more hair products!

Last month or so, I decided to have a hair reform... I bought all these products supposedly meant for curly hair, and had been using them for a while. They had been working well for a while, but lately I've been finding my hair to be quite coarse and frizzy, and all together dull. Today I took a good look at the ingredients and found them ridden with -cones and sulfates...

I'm having an issue, because I can't find any products for me that I could use... I live outside of the U.S. and most items here are very curl un-friendly. Is there any way I can "dilute" or tame the effects of the -cones and sulfates? Or, what are some cheap, worthwhile hair products that I can use? (That are available at most drugstores)


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