On wensday i started the CG method. I used suave naturals as a co-wash & then suave biobasics humectacant as my conditioner, & my hair looked GREAT the next day(i shower at night then go to bed with it so my hair has a little less volume and frizz). Then on thursday i used shampoo again, just trying to ween myself off of the shampoo little by little, and it also looked good. Then last night, i just cowashed, same routine, but my hair is all piecy and really frizzy in the back! whats going on?! i was thinking maybe its from my hair spray, because i think theres soemthing rong with it/its running out, but could it be from something else??


  • curlymaybecurlymaybe Registered Users Posts: 354
    Hi! I don't know if this is the problem or not, but the biobasics conditioner is not CG. It contains dimethiconol, which is not water soluble.
    What are the ingredients in your hairspray?
    If you want to go CG, I would recommend using a sulfate shampoo to get rid of the 'cone buildup and then make sure your co-wash and rinse out are CG-friendly. Here's a list.
    Also, I would try go cold turkey with the shampoo. Try being completely shampoo-less for a month or so, before you make any long-term decisions.
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    ohhhhh okay i'll definately try that, thank you!

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