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My hair has official reached the awkward length-it's not quite long enough for twists since they shrink up to my scalp (would doing them on dry hair help?), flat twists also shrink epically (oh, shrinkage..sometimes I hate thee). And to make it worse: I'm bored with my wash-n-go!

Do you have any style ideas that I could try that could make the awkward length less awkward? I was thinking of getting braids or kinky twists until it grows out a little more, but my student budget is giving me the eye...

In other news: My hair DOUBLED in length this month! And I thank you all for the great advice and tips that helped keep my hair happy and healthy! :salute:

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    congrats on your hair growth :happy7:
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    i wore alot of headbands, hair clips, and other accessories during my awkward phase. congrats on your growth!
  • QVCDivaQVCDiva Registered Users Posts: 1,329
    Congrats on your hair growth
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    I think doing them on dry hair would make a difference. That's pretty much all that I do them on now because I like to see the length. Be warned that it takes away some of the thickness though because they don't swell as much.

    Have you thought about fingercoils? You could wear the coils for a while and then doing a coil out.

    Also if you're interested in kinky twists, I know a great tutorial by a lady over on LHCF who has been transitioning forever and this was her first time doing them on herself. She did an awesome job.

    Good luck!
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    My hair is your length and i just did a twist-out the other day. But i am getting VERY bored with my hair:sad3:..i tried braids before but my hair is so fine the weave will not stay on:angry3: And i cant find any curly weave that will match my texture..
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    Congrats on your wonderful growth. Actually this is a really good length to start finger twirling in spots and working with your texture. It's long enough so if it shrinks you have a really nicely textured TWA.
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    Congrats on your growth!
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    ooooooh, :thumbleft:CUTE!

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    Awesome growth :wav:! Play around with it. Dry twists will definitely help and show more length than wet twists.
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    Nice growth!
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