Help! I have no curl pattern, I think

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hello. new here. been browsing the topics & finally decided to post.

i haven't really been taking care of my hair. but last night i decided to start. i have all kinds of products that i just sort of slather on, but i don't have a "hair care regimen" perse. anyway, a while ago i bought KCC, and used it once, but didn't get the results i wanted & never used it again. my hair has been in BAD shape lately, and i decided to try it again last night. i washed & conditioned my hair section by section, detangling, then when i got out of the shower began applying the KCC. i noticed that many of you layer on some type of leave-in under it, but i didn't have one on hand, so i sprayed on a little Curls Quenched Curls underneath, then applied the KCC.

after it was all said and done, i simply had a 'fro with SOME curly pieces. so it's got me thinking that i don't really HAVE a curl pattern. years ago i got a texturizer trying to "loosen" my curl pattern & my stylist said my hair was wavy & not as coarse as i thought, which shocked the hell out of me because my hair has always been TOUGH. so i'm stuck. love the natturally curly look, but it seems the only way i can achieve it is through a braid/twist out. when my hair is soaking wet i THINK i have SOME curls, but they quickly return to 'fro status as my hair dries.

so i'm asking you guys... is it possible to NOT have a curl pattern? or perhaps i should try [buylink=]KCKT[/buylink]? or something else to help? or ditch KCC and find something else? (i've also owned lot Carol's Daughter/Miss Jessies/Curls products)

any advice would be appreciated.

btw: my hair is SO dry, it could be the problem. i need to nurse it back to any advice on that would also be much appreciated.


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    this is a pic of my hair (with the KCC)...kinda close, but you get the idea.
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    It is possible not to have a curl pattern. I have a curl here and there but not enough to warrant calling myself curly. All of my strands go in different directions. The up side to my twist out and braid out last a good long time. My hair is going to do what it is going to do.
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    Everyone's hair grows differently some have curly hair others have a fro. Sometimes is all about accepting what you have. If you don't have curly hair there is no amount of product that will turn your hair into curls. Maybe you should concentrate on healthy hair. Deep conditioning once a week applying products that have moisturizing properties to contribute to the overall health of your hair. If it helps you, the products that have worked for me are elucence moisture shampoo and conditioner. The leave in conditioners that I rotate are beauty without cruelty revitalize, abba pure and gentle, elucence conditioner. Sometimes I use the jane carter cream my hair seems to hate butters. My deep conditioners are jessi curl wdt, Aubreys hr, and earthly delight. I'm currently looking into kenra which I've read great things about. HTH
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    welcome to the board! I'm new as well : )

    To answer your question, yes it's possible not to have a curl pattern. If you look closely at your hair and your strands have sharp bends which gives them a zig zag pattern that means you're a 4b(hope I haven't confused you). Or you might be a cnapp. I think the website is and there should be a section which can help you decide whether you have cnapp hair or not.

    My advice to you would be not to worry so much about trying to get your hair to do what it can't naturally do. If you hair really doesn't have a curl pattern then you need to work with what you have and forget about trying to define any curls that are not there. Twist outs/braidouts are a good option if you want a curly style. I personally think twists look great on all hair textures.

    To help with the dryness, I think you should start deep conditioning your hair on a regular basis. I add olive oil to my deep conditioner and it works great.

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    If your hair is in as bad shape as you describe, you might just need to nurse it back to health. Focus on getting your moisture level balanced and once that's been accomplished, youl'll be able to better tell.

    Not having a curl pattern is not a bad thing; irritating at times, but not bad. I have a whole section in the front of my head that is type 2. Just wavy with no curl at all (except at the very tip). I have to twist that section if I want it to blend with the rest of my hair when I wear curly styles. (and it does)
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    Like everyone before me has said, it IS possible not to have a curl pattern. Actually, NOT having one makes styles likes twists, coils and braids last a LOT longer!

    For dry hair-deep conditioning and a good leave-in conditioner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE unrefined shea butter and I add my own ingredients (mainly oils) to whip it an make it lighter and easier to apply. You might want to ditch products with mineral oil and petroleum as well (I think some miss jessie's products have these). Both of these ingredients dry hair out and cause build up.

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    Co-signing with Shawnette. I would highly recommend deep conditioning every week, even twice a week if you can. When your hair is in better condition than you will be able to tell what it can really do. ORS Replenishing Pak and Pantene Relaxed and Natural treatment, Elasta QP DPR-11 are some easy to find deep conditioners that really helped me.

    Yes, it is possible to not have a curl pattern. The top of my head is wavy and I am trying to let it grow out to see if that is how it naturally is or if the hair there is damaged from being left out when I weaved to transition. I think that it is a combination of the two.
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    I think that as all have suggested that you should get your hair back in good condition.

    I used to be the type that would just do whatever and then go to a Ouidad salon and have them fix it. I still would love to just pay someone, but it seems that no one can really care about your hair as much as you can.

    I don't exactly have a regime right now either. I am using curls and some natural products and I have gotten ok results. This week I may try two products instead of three and see what happens - the stuff kinda sits on my head.

    But at any rate if your hair is not healthy I think you won't be able to tell what is going on and if you don't have a curl pattern its not the end of the world.
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    I wanted to add that it seems like trial and error with the products. For example honey and castor oil give me good results.

    What works for others may not work for you and vice versa.
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    thanks for the advice ladies. i think i may have a moisture (or lack there of) issue. my hair has ALWAYS been dry (my mother can attest to this), so i struggle to keep it moisturized & sometimes just get lazy and give up.

    also, i think i had a KCC malfunction :lol:. i didn't realize many re-wet the hair to "set" it after applying the KCC. i rewet it this morning & more of the curl patter emerged, esp toward the crown. i have individual spirals (small, but spiral). the back of my hair is just down right loose curls/waves & the very front is just straight :dontknow:. don't know if this is due to heat damage from former pressing, or if that's just how it is...haven't pressed my hair since summer and it was very erratic before that. i will take your advice and work on getting my hair healthy first.

    thanks again!
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    I can’t seem to find my curl pattern. I am currently in the transition stage but can see some of my curls, but can’t seem to figure out which type I am.
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    @Dejasp, welcome!  And feel free to start your own new thread.  And if you do, post a picture of your hair.  I'm sure we could help if we could see it.
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