Loosing things.... IN YOUR HAIR?

I actually lost something, in my hair. I used my dreads to carry around bobbypins, without them disappearing inside my bag. But I never LOST anything. Untill today..... Or more like a week ago. I tried a hairdo, but failed. I used two big bobbypins and two hairclips. I pulled out two hairpins and 1 bobbypin. I searched, but found nothing. So I shrugged and thought it bounced on the floor. After a few days or second day hair and rewetted in between, still no bobbypin.
This morning I got in the shower, co-washed, rinse, conditioned, COMBED, rinsed, fingercombing, adding leave-in, scrunching with my CLU-towel, flipped over my hair and *ploink* there it fell out. The lost bobbypin.

My god, I never had anything get LOST in my hair...... :angry3:

Am I the only one, or.....??
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  • Lil'curlsLil'curls Posts: 275Registered Users
    I have a hard time finding my bobby pins if I use them.

    I was thinking since things tend to get hidden in my hair, I should have hidden a baby Jesus in my hair for Mardi Gras instead of hiding it in the king cake.
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  • SunshineGrrlSunshineGrrl Posts: 3,823Registered Users
    Bobby pins always get lost in my hair. My nieces and nephews love to play hide-and-seek in my hair. One hides the object while the others are out of the room and then the others manhandle my hair until they find the missing object. There have been a few times that they couldn't ever find it. And even though I was there during the hiding phase, even I couldn't find it!

    Those kids are lucky I love them because they are the only ones allowed to screw up my hair.

    I've had feathers caught from either my down comforter, down feather bead or my down coat. People pick it out of my hair all the time. Could be worse, I guess. Could be bugs, like mosquitos or ladybugs or something gross.

  • RawrSallyRawrSally Posts: 1,388Registered Users
    We had a Mardi Gras celebration in French class the other day, and my teacher threw confetti in my hair.
    I woke up a few days later and there was confetti on my pillow, I leaned over my laundry basket, out fell more confetti.
    And this was after spending all of my English class, the block after French, pulling out about 15 pieces of shiny, plastic confetti.

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  • TeaTimeTeaTime Posts: 59Registered Users
    I've lost bobby pins...and forget about them about them too until shower time

    When I was a kid (mass of frizzy hair that no one could figure out how to tame) I had been playing outside at night, and came into the house and my mom saw something glowing in my hair...and found a firefly stuck in it :tongue3:
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  • sveetiepiesveetiepie Posts: 209Registered Users
    I was in the shower yesterday washing my hair when I felt my hoop earring pop out of my ear ,looked for it, could not find it , thought it went down the drain... out of the shower and doing some last final scrunches on my hair and out pops my earring- had been stuck in my hair!

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  • Laura LeeLaura Lee Posts: 1,828Registered Users
    Yup, bobby pins are a biggie. Especially in high school when I would put anywhere from 50-100 bobby pins in my hair for my up-do's. Some of them probably fell out while dancing, but it always seemed like I took many less out than I put in originally. I would find them in my hair for the next couple of days.
  • RupertsWifeRupertsWife Posts: 492Registered Users
    It's possible that I may have carried a diamond earring in my hair for at least a day without knowing. I lost my earring at home and searched everywhere. Somehow, three days later I found it at work on the floor! The only thing I could think of is that it was caught in my hair.

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    Lil'curls wrote: »
    I have a hard time finding my bobby pins if I use them.

    I was thinking since things tend to get hidden in my hair, I should have hidden a baby Jesus in my hair for Mardi Gras instead of hiding it in the king cake.

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  • Hakim NuraldinHakim Nuraldin Posts: 1,467Registered Users
    At work, I tend to stick pens and pencils in my hair or future use, and end up forgetting/losing them. At the end of the day I look like the biggest pincushion ever. LOL!!