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What does it mean when you're incredibly thirsty, even though you can't fit any more water in your stomach and your stomach hurts from being so full of water? This is really weirding me out. I've felt like that every night this week.

I just started drinking water on a regular basis a few weeks ago (I used to not drink any water at all) ... is that why? Is it just one of those "wow she's finally letting me have water so can I have more of it??" responses? Like when you get a few extra hours of sleep after being sleep-deprived and then the next day you feel really really sleepy?

Hopefully I'm just being a hypochondriac and it doesn't mean anything.


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    Excessive thirst is a symptom of diabetes. But I wouldn't jump to that conclusion if you have no other symptoms.
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    Here's a good site that discusses it.

    It's an interesting thought that your body is trying to capitalize on the fact you're taking in more water now, but I wouldn't think it would crave more when your stomach is full. Still it does sound like there's a good chance there's a relationship there.

    If when you started to drink more water you really had it on your mind and it was like a mission to you (to me that's understandable since drinking the suggested amount of water per day takes some thought on my end)...I'd question whether it might be psychological.

    On a side, probably unrelated note, I get excessive thirst right around and in part during my period and I've never been able to figure out exactly what is up with that. I'll drink a full glass of water and my mouth reverts to the before feeling only about three minutes afterwards. It's not like the parched feeling you get after rigorous exercise, but it's closer to the feeling when you wake up in the morning and could use some water....just that feeling all day long. I only pee slightly more than normal though. But I have other funky symptoms, definitely hormonal issues around the same time, and the hypothalamus controls hormones and thirst so I figure there's likely some connection there.
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