Crazy Cats

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So I have 3 cats, my eight year old cat Baby, 9 month old Vivienne Westwood, and 7 month old Carl Sagan. The three are nuts but the most part are very loveable.

We ran out of catfood last night and I was studying for midterms and the SO was working late so we didn't pick any up. This morning we scraped out the last of the bag and then the SO decided to feed them scrambled eggs.

They actually ate them!

And when I came home from my classes, Carl was eating a tomato.

Just wanted to share that my cats are weird. :lol:


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    So... am I right to believe congratulations are in order ~ he proposed to you?! :wav:
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    My cat loves eggs and rice. Eggs are actually pretty healthy for them. High in protein, easily digested.
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    I meant to add that my cats don't like eggs, even though I've heard that cats in general like them. Eggs and rice are often ingredients in cat food. My indoor cat will eat rice, but only a little bit, and only if it's Rice o Roni or one of those that have a chicken or beef flavoring.
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    I never tried eggs, I'll have to do that sometime.

    Both of my cats like peanut butter!

    I like your cats' names, Sarahgrace. I love full names for cats, and especially naming them after famous people. Some friends of mine have a cat named Carl Kassell Jr.
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    I give my cats eggs once a week. They love them! I've found it also keeps their coats shiny. We noticed a difference in their coat sheen after like a month of the once weekly eggs.