Shakira's hair in this pic...

sarah bellasarah bella Posts: 8Registered Users
My hair is pretty similar to this, Just don't really know how to fix it like this!!!! 3a 3b maybe?
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  • blessedhimeblessedhime Posts: 1,458Registered Users
    Shakira's hair is truly lovely in this pic.
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  • smurfette75smurfette75 Posts: 13Registered Users
    Shakira has an awesome head of hair . When she first came out with her album "Laundry Service", I thought those curls were rockin'!
  • victoriamandavictoriamanda Posts: 53Registered Users
    I have heard her hair is straight and she perms it. Who knows. I lover her hair too though.
    Vicki - I think I am starting to understand!!! woohoo!!!

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  • DEL2CDEL2C Posts: 6,418Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Use a good dousing of MOUSSE, Diffuse upside down, then finish without the diffuser Upside Down blow it around, to really make it BIG. You can recreate that look ;)
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