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If this thread or one similar to it has already been started, please point me in the right direction:happy3: I have also posted this in the 4a, 4b, 3c and transitioning forums.

I have been noticing sooo many beautiful natural heads around my university campus, ranging from stylish twa's to thick brastrap length tresses. I would say that at least 3 out of 5 of the women I see at my school are natural (and it's not the same 3 every time :rolleyes:). It's a great feeling:happy7:

So to all you college curlies... What's the natural scene like on your campus?
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    i am transitioning ....almost 8 months in. There are 5 black girls on my campus with natural styles that i am aware of...out of a population of 5000!! i hve noticed a lot of white guys with fros though...

    i am tempted to bc
    I havent figured out how to add pictures..:angry7:

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