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i have 3a-ish hair, and i was reading up on this([buylink=]curl keeper[/buylink]) and alota people say it works really well. But then i was reading the instructions and you have to rub it through your hair right after you get out of the shower. But if i do that, then the curls get all separated, and the shape will get messed up because i litteraly can't touch my hair at all, or do anything to it that might straighten it out or make it loose its shape...does anyone else have this problem? do you think i could just apply it wen my hair is dry and get the same results?


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    I'm 3a; CK is a miracle. I have used it by raking thru and scrunching in, scrunching works just fine.
    But, believe it or not, in the summer when I use CK, I also gte GREAT results (major clumps) if I brush it thru in the shower with a denman brush!
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